Is the Qatar Airways Economy Class Worth Your Fly?

October 1, 2022

When choosing an airplane we always treat the Economy class as less luxurious. But, in reality, by selecting the right airline you can even enjoy top-notch luxury in this class. Qatar Airways flights promise to provide their customers high-end comfort even in economy class. This airline has always met their customer expectations. Hence, choosing to fly in this airplane is the best thing you can do. 

So, if you are booking the economy class, do not be disappointed as there are many surprises waiting for you in this class. This blog will shed light on everything you need to know about flying in this class. Hence, without any delay, dive deep into this write-up right away to get all the details now. 

The Complete Baggage Allowance in Qatar Airways

Before going for Qatar Airways cheap flights, it is crucial to know about the baggage allowance. There is a lot more information about baggage policies that have been updated since Covid, which are as follows:

  • Each business class passenger has the option of checking in two pieces of luggage weighing no more than 40 pounds

  • Each passenger flying in economy class has the option of two checked bags with a maximum weight of 50 pounds

  • Each First Class passenger has the option of checking in two pieces of luggage with a maximum weight of 110 pounds

  • Any baggage weight for the concerned traveler that does not match the given weight scale may necessitate an additional fee


Can You Avail Early Boarding with Qatar Airways Booking?

The Qatar boards in zones with economy usually going towards the end. However, if you have Oneworld Sapphire Status and choose economy then you can easily get access to priority boarding. Besides, your preference to board early may largely rely on the following two factors:

  • If you require an overhead bin for your single carry on

  • If you prefer to be the last one to board


Expect Food That You Will Love!

With Qatar Airways flight booking for economy class, you can expect ample food choices which will be served hot and fresh. For breakfast, you will be served fresh fruits, coffee or tea and also bread, if you want it.

For the second part of the journey, get ready to receive meals more than once. In the first meal, you can expect a chicken sandwich. As a second meal, you can expect cheesy chicken pasta which will easily satisfy your taste buds. However, the overall food experience will definitely make you come back to this airline again. 

Tips to Follow For Flying in the Economy Class

Here are some of the tips that you must follow before going for Qatar Airways online booking and selecting the economy class:


  • Avoid Economy Class if You Upgrade Seats: It is better to avoid the economy class if you change your mind at the last moment and go for seat upgradation. The baggage allowance and lounge access will be based on original ticket rules. Hence, if you book the tickets for this class, and upgrade seats later, you won’t be eligible for lounge access and added baggage weight limits.

  • Don’t Bring Any Snacks: With this airline’s economy class, you will get complimentary snacks and drinks along with meals. Hence, you get to save money on food and do not have to face the hassle of bringing them onboard. So, you can expect great snack options once you are on the flight.

  • Pack Only One Carry-On Bag: When talking about carry-on items, Qatar Airways flight booking has a different set of rules. Travelers can bring one carry-on baggage along with a personal item. So, you can bring one carry-on item and any additional ones will be required to check-in. Hence, you must pack your bags smartly and do carry extra items.

  • Enroll in the Student Club: Qatar Airways is one of the few airlines that has a special student program. It offers attractive benefits like free Wi-Fi and added baggage allowances. The best perk of this program is you can upgrade to the next level of tier as a graduation gift. So, if you are a student then you must enroll in this program right away. "


Why Choose the Best Travel Agency?

There is a reason why you must choose the best Qatar Airways ticket booking website for purchasing air tickets. Not every booking website will provide you with the best deals on air ticket booking. With the right website, you can enjoy air tickets at prices than never before. With the cheapest tickets, you can fly to your dream destination with ease and save money on the go. Hence, pinning your trust on the best flight booking website is what you must do right now. Also, make sure to book your air tickets about 30 days prior to your travel date. 


Last but not the least, it is time to book your vacation date by checking out the Qatar Airways flight schedule. Therefore, without wasting any more, create your travel checklist and enjoy this luxury airline at the cheapest rates! 

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