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December 26, 2022

Due to the excellence of its employees, onboard amenities, and airport services, Lufthansa has earned the designation of 4-Star Airline. Choose to fly with Lufthansa that offers you better connectivity and also luxury amenities on board, every time

Flying With Lufthansa Airlines- Know These Key Facts

We all know that when we do intend to fly to places, then it is for sure that we end up searching for the best Airline that can help us enjoy the time that we do spend on board. Even it’s for business purpose or for pleasure, it is for sure that we do always anticipate reaching to our destinations within the shorter span of time and also getting the maximum level of comfort which can help us get the homely feeling that we do long for when we fly to places far from our comfort zone.

Amid the rise of the competing forces, it has been very imperative for every airline to maintain the definite level of the standard that it needs to be sure that it has the higher level of the customer growth, thus making it to be the best airline in the world. Lufthansa Airlines flights are very comfortable for all passengers but you do need to know more about the details of the policy before booking the cheap Lufhansa Airlines tickets. 

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What Services Can You Get From Lufthansa Airlines?

  • Best cuisines on board shall be offered to you. Additionally, we honour requests for free lunches submitted by visitors after receiving ticket confirmations. This also combines a thrilling fusion of American and Asian cuisines in order to improve the passengers' fundamental interest rate. Each guest has the option to choose their own food plan when making their reservation.

  • We also provide numerous meal packages that may first prove to be healthy for the travellers for those who have a specific type of religious belief or who have certain sensitivities.

  • Free internet connection allows travellers to keep in touch with their loved ones while they are on the road.

  • Entertainment packages that enable every passenger to watch their favourite shows and movies throughout the protracted flight times, letting them to pass the time while travelling.

  • Every traveller will receive free face masks and hand sanitizer sachets to start off the safety procedure specifically for them. The complete safety of the passengers is Lufthansa Airlines' top priority.

Check The Details Of The Lufthansa Airlines Policy 

Before you do intend to fly with this Airline, make sure to know more about the Lufthansa Airlines Policy to make your journey hassle free and also enjoyable:

Baggage Policy 

  • Carry-on bag specifications: maximum 55 x 40 x 23 cm

  • Maximum 57 x 54 x 15 cm for foldable clothes bags

With our luggage calculator, based on route, travel class and ticket, you can quickly determine your free baggage limit. There, you may also see the maximum sizes and weights  for carry-on luggage.

Date Change Policy

  • Costs for altering a flight date with Lufthansa are €50 EUR, CHF 70, USD $60 and *€150/220 CHF for switching to a Same-Day Award price class.

  • No fee for changing your destination.

  • Cost of cancellation, mile refund and new deposit: €50 EUR, CHF 70, and USD $60

  • Exclusions/Waivers:

  • Passengers cannot cancel or rebook the discounted flight rewards. Amount may vary or be waived for particular awards ticket.

  • Cost of nearby reservations: Free

Cancellation Policy 

If a reservation was made seven days or more before the departure of the flight, customers who book through one of Lufthansa Airlines online booking channels (such as may cancel their reservation without incurring fees up to 24 hours after making the reservation.

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