Creative Initiative By Southwest To Resolve Painful Boarding Process

March 9, 2023

Between the madness of crowding before and the rush to jam luggage overhead, boarding a plane is perhaps one of the worst and slowest factors of travel. Southwest Airlines Flight is making an effort to resolve this. According to the reports, the airline is creating strategies to boost up the process of boarding as the plane sits between flights by five minutes at four gates at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

The Reason Behind Creating New Boarding Process

As per reports, 40 minutes is the average “turn” for Southwest’s Boeing 737s which is a smaller aircraft and 50 minutes for the larger ones.

Since 1970, most of the standard body fleet Boeing has seen a significant slowdown of 50% in passenger boarding time, according to a study.

What Officials Said?

Vice president of business transformation at Southwest, Angela Marano said that the airline company is eager to resolve the issue to provide hassle-free services to its customers. "We want to truly understand at its most granular level of detail how passengers move on and off our aircraft, she said. Angela Marano, further mentioned the company is serious about studying human behavior to design a perfect strategy to fix the painful process of boarding permanently”. As per reports, she added "How can we better understand some of the human behavior that slows that process down?'' 

Catering To The Needs Of The Passengers With Innovative Solutions 

One of the best airline companies Southwest Airlines Flight is popular among the people for its unique method of boarding, which does away with assigned seats in favor of issuing passengers a letter and number based on the time they check-in for the flight. In its latest attempt to speed up boarding, the airline has installed TV displays with boarding countdowns, carpeted zones in various colors to separate pre-boarding people and upbeat music that, according to a study, encourages passengers to move faster than usual.

A designated ground staff with a mobile device is assigned to check big luggage and registered pets well in advance of boarding as part of the airline's behind-the-scenes strategy. Group chats between employees at the gate, on the plane and on the ground is also used to keep things going smoothly.

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This initiative will dramatically transform the entire system of boarding and make it a more relaxed process rather than a painful one for the people. It will also resolve the issue of crowd building during rush hours and allow airport officials to move ahead with their routine activities without any interruption. Southwest Airlines is working on different strategies to provide relief to customers and allow them to enjoy their trips to the fullest.

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