Alaska Airlines Flights Brings New Rules Of Swapping Plastic Cups

February 9, 2023

In order to be more caring towards the environment, Alaska Airlines Flight has been developing some of the core strategies that can not only provide the customer gratification but also the development of the environment. Alaska Airlines Flight has been developing some of the strategies to swap the plastic cups to paper cups to be able to cater to the needs of the environment in the best way possible. 

Alaska Airlines Brings Innovation For The Environment 

For in-flight refreshments, Alaska Airlines has stated that they would switch from plastic cups to paper cups. This will replace the annual consumption of almost 55 million plastic cups by the airline. Alaska Airlines was the first airline in the US to make an announcement about the environment. With the switch, it will get rid of 2.2 million pounds of plastic trash thanks to a partnership with Boxed Water. According to the airline, it is the same as 24 of its Boeing 737s.

Most First Class services will employ reusable glassware, and the new paper cups that will be used are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. Speaking on behalf of Alaska Airlines, Todd Traynor-Corey, managing director of guest products, stated that, "Doing the right thing is one of our fundamental beliefs and nothing is more right and important than conserving the beautiful places that we link our guests to through flying." 

Why Alaska Airlines Has Decided To Replace Plastic Cups?

The airline's 2025 objective to replace its top five waste-producing onboard service items includes replacing these plastic cups. Plastics eradication requires teamwork, according to Traynor-Corey. Making innovative goods and practices that lead us toward a future with less plastic needs extensive coordination with our supply chain partners and the in-flight crew has been the main motive of this Airline since the beginning of time. 

Only when there is a strong, widespread commitment to protecting the environment can progress be made. Every year, 300 million tones of plastic are produced globally, 78% of which are not recovered or recycled. The seas get around 8.8 million tones of plastic waste annually. Due to the threat that plastic poses to them in the form of entanglement, 700 marine creatures are in danger of going extinct.

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