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About New York To Fort Myers


When you do have the urge to travel with your loved ones, there is also the need to have the best choice of the place of stay and the place of travel. Amid the other plenty of the options that you do have, this is also true that Fort Myers is one of the best choices that you can have if you do want to travel more with passion and the sense of integrity. Being attached to the core of Florida, and being the port it is also true that the opening gateway into the Sannibel Islands will give you some of the enchanting memories of your life. 


Know More of Fort Myers: 

  • Upon arrival, you do get the complimentary free wifi at the airport, to stay connected with your loved ones or even find the right choice of the hotel for you.
  • Cars, buses can be rented from the terminal itself, without any hassle.
  • Banking along with the FOREX services are also available here, in the airport.
  • Valid documentation of the US ID card and the Social Security Number needs to be produced.  


What Do You Expect Upon Arrival to Fort Myers? 

  • Travelling is the best thing that can happen to anyone. With special plans, you do get to have plenty of options to satisfy your own needs and have the urge to explore the place even more and more.
  • Come across the Edison and the Ford Winter Estate: This is the most colorful and also idle gateway for families and the couples to get rid of the hustle and enjoy the beauty of the place with added charm.
  • Travel back to the old days with the aid of Fort Myers River District: This is the only place that shall give you the ease of travelling back to the old historical days, to embark into the rich heritage of the fascinating things that has taken place in the past.
  • Tread along the beach of the Fort Myers with all that you do have: This is the best thing that can indeed happen to you if you have the sudden plan of walking across the beautiful shoreline with your loved ones. As you tread along the warm water and the shallow sand it is true that there is much of the beauty in the city’s most beautiful island.
  • Possess the urge to walk across the Six mile Cypress Slough Preserve: If you are an environment lover, then this is the right choice to simply explore more and also admire the beauty that does surround you completely.
  • Watch the sunset at the Lakes Regional Park: If you do have the love for any type of the serene weather, then you do need to come to the Lakes Regional Park, where you can be able to watch the beautiful sunset and also be a nature enthusiast. 
  • Dive in the oldest community at McGregor Boulevard: You need to understand the fact that the mode of the beautification does arrive here in the place of McGregor Boulevard where the palm trees will be able to capture your senses and amuse you completely. 
  • Bunche Beach is mandatory in your bucket list: Observe the beauty of the birds and the indulge more in the romantic gateway with the cool things that can be done at the Bunche Beach.

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