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About Mexico City to Sao Paolo


Being of the largest cities in the world, Sao Paolo is a great tourist destination! So, have you yet planned to book your tickets to Sao Paolo? If not, it’s high time you should. This massive metropolitan city is best known for its unique skyscrapers that showcase today’s modernization. No matter what you decide to do here, this cosmopolitan city has something for everyone. Each attraction here has a story to tell you. It is all up to you how you want to explore this stunning city! Hence, gear up to explore Sao Paolo at its best. 


Fly with Amazing Deals to Sao Paolo (GRU)

It is possible to fly to Sao Paolo with amazing deals right away. Choose to avail of air tickets from us and become a part of unique deals all the time. Here, unique deals refer to great discounts which can help you enjoy the cheapest fares on the go. So, you can fly to your dream destination with ease at the best rates all the time. 


Things to Do in Sao Paolo

Are you confused about what to do in Sao Paolo? Here is a complete checklist:


  • Take a look at the stunning art exhibition by directly diving into Museu de Arte.
  • Football lovers will definitely love to visit the Museo de Futebol which is a museum completely dedicated to this game. 
  • Give a visual treat to your eyes and go on a serene tour to Ibirapuera Park.
  • Immerse yourself in some good entertainment by visiting the city’s center of activity Avenida Paulista.
  • Take a look at the stunning neo-gothic architecture of Se Cathedral.


Best Time to Visit Sao Paolo

The best time to visit Sao Paolo is from March to May. During the months, you will experience less humidity and sunny days.

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