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About Boston to Havana


Havana is the center focus of Cuba. This destination is full of life the whole year-round. Even if there is prosperity, rain, shine, or any other thing, Havana always beams with buoyancy. You will hear this place’s name from almost every tourist across the world. Therefore, without any further lookout, Havana deserves to be on your travel checklist. Besides, Havana’s spirit is contagious and untamable. No wonder, this city is entirely on its way to tomorrow! With the list of things to do here, you won’t get bored here at all. 


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Things to Do in Havana

Are you worried about the things to do in Havana? Then ensure to check the list here:


  • Catch a breath of cool air and enjoy serenity by heading directly to El Malecon.
  • Land in Old Havana, which is a picturesque location to gather some promising views of the city. 
  • Hop into Plaza de la Cathedral to immerse yourself in surprising and stunning views of 18th-century architecture.
  • Involve yourself in a historical tour by visiting the Oak Hill Cemetery in Havana. 
  • Head to Dumbarton House to take a look at the Federal-style architecture, furnishings, and interior design.


Best Time to Visit Havana

The best time to visit Havana is from January to February. These months are the best to visit to experience Havana at its best.

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