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About Boston to Aruba


Off Venezuela, the coast is a tiny Dutch island called Aruba. With beautiful blonde beaches, gentle surf and warm, sunny weather this place can be your ideal vacation spot. You can spend your days on Aruba in scuba diving and other watersport activities. This place is much more than just a destination and can give you a good visual treat. All you must do is head here directly without thinking much. Hence, get ready to pack your bags right away. 


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Things to Do in Aruba

Wondering what to do in Aruba? Here are the things to do, have a read:


  • Spend time in tranquility on the pristine waters of Palm Beach located on Aruba’s western coast. 
  • Feel yourself at ease and swim as long as you want by diving deep into Aruba’s Natural Pool
  • Get to know more about the miraculous plant aloe by visiting Aruba Aloe Factory.
  • Go on a different level of hiking and immerse yourself in the complete adventure by landing in Arikok National Park.
  • Do you want to explore the depths of the ocean then join the Underwater Tours?
  • Get involved in sightseeing by visiting the California Lighthouse.  


When is the Best Time to Visit Aruba?

The best time to visit Aruba is from December to March. This is the time when the sunshine and temperatures here are the best and the rainfall to the lowest.

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