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About Singapore Airlines

As the name suggests, this airline is the biggest flag carrier of the country of Singapore with the measure of the fleet size as well as the total number of the passengers that it does carry. With the initiation of the effective type of the schedule, there has been much of the gratification of the passengers as our airline does fetch the best of the services through the exclusive packages for each of the traveler. With the best of the product service aligned by the effective type of the cabin staff that does cater to the needs and also fulfills all the detailed expectations of the travelers, our airlines has been attaining the marginalized rate of the gross profit intrinsically. From the cheap packages, there is more of the ease of the traveler to sit back and relax as we bring to you the most enlightening packages of the day, to make the trip, much more memorable. 


Connectivity and Fleet Size

Singapore Airlines operates a predominantly wide body fleet, until the re-introduction of the Boeing 737 in March 2021 following the merger with Silk Air. The airline also operates Boeing 747-400 freighters. As of 2 August 2021, there were 154 passenger aircraft and seven freighters registered in the Singapore Airlines fleet. With the connectivity to more than 120 countries, we have been able to develop our zeal even after the pandemic, to fulfill all your travelling plans for the future.


Why choose us?

With Singapore Airlines, by your side, you can avail the best price aligned with the high-end luxury comfort that you prefer to choose for the long tenures of the flights to your favorite destination. We have been amalgamating with our brand partners to deliver the most comfortable services to the passengers and establish the long lasting relation with them, in the near future. With the easy mode of the flight booking, you can rely on us and allow us to make the other necessary amendments for you now. 


Services rendered by Singapore Airlines

It has been the prerogative of the Singapore Airlines to provide the following impeccable service to you, which are: 


Economy Class

  • For the passengers of the Economy Class, the concerned seats are very comfortable and also they do allow the passenger to adjust the same on its own, with the blanket, pillow and also the headrest. 
  • Complimentary meals that are given is free of charge and also they do include the alcoholic beverages like wine, spirits as demanded by the passengers; 
  • Complete entertainment deals for each of the traveler to remain etched to the seats during the long hours of the flights like for example 100 hours long hour schedule. Each of the passengers does also get to choose the variety of the options like selecting the definite type of the movies, shows and also the games to keep entertained during the long straining hours of the flight. 
  • Free Wifi service is available for each of the traveler to remain connected with their family and loves ones. 


Signature Business class

  • In this class, each of the travelers gets to convert the seats into the flat beds, to get more of the comfort of enjoying the ride with the aid of the pillows, duvets and quitted mattress pads.
  • Free wifi service is also available for the passengers to remain connected with their closed ones;
  • Singapore Airlines provides priority boarding service to Signature Class passengers.
  • Signature class can serves Vitruvi skincare products and WANT Les Essentials amenities.
  • In this class, each of the passengers does to choose the complimentary destination inspired dishes of Asia, the Middle East and also the United States of America, to pacify their own appetite.


Premium Economy Class

  • Premium Economy Class passengers can enjoy the reclining and comfortable seats with spacious legroom. Seats of this class come with a USB ports and in-seat power for charging. Each of the travelers gets to choose the comfort as per his/her choice.
  • Each of the travelers gets to witness the ease of comfort through the adjustable headrest and comfortable pillow and blanket with amenity kits.
  • Singapore Airlines also serves a huge selection of beers, soft drinks, coffee, juice, wines and tea.
  • This class provides in-flight entertainment service on demand with personal touch screen TVs.


Baggage Allowance

Carry-On Baggage

  • Passengers are allowed to carry one Standard Article which can’t exceed 21.5 inches in length 15.5 inches in width 9 inches in height in dimensions.
  • Passengers are also allowed to carry one personal item which can’t exceed 13 inches in length 17 inches in width 6 inches in height in dimensions.
  • All baggage can be light and small, fit in the overhead bin.


Checked Baggage

The weight, size and number of checked baggage permitted to take along as checked baggage on Singapore Airlines flights depends on the fare type of the Singapore Airlines Flights you hold.

  • Checked baggage can’t exceed 70 lbs in weight.
  • Checked baggage can’t exceed 115 inches in dimension.


NB: If anyone is interested to cancel the flights, then there is the need to connect directly with the concerned customer care service provider to give all the authentic details. For more details, please do feel free to visit the website, by clicking on the link here. 


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