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About Lufthansa Airlines

The inception of these airlines has taken place in the year 1953, and since then it has been the largest German Airlines with the gratification of more than millions of passengers. With the unique mode of the design and the higher rate of the exclusive features, it has been the best in its way of functionality. Being the developed founding member of the Star Alliance, Lufthansa Airlines flights have been able to make the unique mannerism in gaining the core attention of the passengers over the years. Possessing the fleet size of more than 270 aircrafts, it has the power and the capability of flying higher to 320 destinations across the globe, Lufthansa Airlines does offer you the best of the comfort and the desired experience of flying to your dream destinations within the stipulated time frame.

With the initial operation in Frankfurt, it has been serving millions of passengers across the globe. Visit the initial website to know more about the same to entice your needs and desires, initially. Through the invent of the technicalities in technology, our airline also brings to you the details of the Lufthansa Airline flight schedules to manage the busy timings of flying rapidly to the land of your dreams either for work or for pleasure.


Why Choose Lufthansa Airlines?

One of the top-most reason for choosing the best airline is that we do bring to you the cheaper deals to make your stay on-board with us more comfortable and also more rejoicing, than ever before. With just a click on Lufthansa Flight booking site, you can get the varied choices, to book your next flight to fly high to the dream destination that is eagerly waiting for you. Reach out to us to get the cheaper deals to fly within the most comfortable budget of your own choice. Being the largest airline since the time of its inception, we have been serving our customers with pride and efficiency.


Rules Related To The Baggage Policy

  • Lufthansa does offer you the free baggage allowance that also includes 1 carry-on baggage and 1 checked baggage.
  • Dimensions for carry-on baggage must be within the following: 55 x 40 x 23 cm (8 kg weight)
  • For each of the passengers flying in the Business class, there is the allowance of the 2 pieces of the carry-on baggage 




  • Economy class - Allowed only one piece of baggage, which cannot exceed 51 lbs in weight.
  • Premium economy class - Allowed only two pieces of baggage. The weight of each baggage cannot exceed 51 lbs.
  • Business class - Allowed two pieces of baggage. The weight of each baggage cannot exceed 71 lbs.
  • First class - Allowed three pieces of baggage. The weight of each baggage cannot exceed 71 lbs.


What To Do If You Wish To Cancel The Flights?

If you wish to make any of the changes in the mode of flight or cancel any type of the advanced booking please get in touch with the free customer service of Lufthansa Airlines flight booking site. Any type of the changes will directly subject to the cancellation fee that is subjected to the mode of the schedule and the manner of the booking of the flights. If you wish to know more about us then feel free to reach out to us on our toll free number. 


What Do We Offer You?

If you are looking for the best comfort within the most convenient budget then Lufthansa Airlines booking deals are the best for you. We do offer the best of the comfort to make your experience of flying more unique. We do also believe that it is our sole duty to cater to the needs and demand of the passengers at times of need, to reach the highest pinnacle of success. We believe in making effective bonds with our passengers to expand the domain of our business. Also, you can avail the best of the offers that we render at the special festive time of the year. Hence for more details, stay glued to the website. 

Know more of the services that you can perceive after purchasing Lufthansa Airlines flight tickets 

We do also provide the following services because, we do care for the passengers that have been a part of the group for so many years and hence it is our duty to cater to the needs and demands of the passengers, respectively.


  • Complimentary meals/beverages : We also do provide the complimentary meals as demanded by the passengers via making the confirmation of the tickets. This includes the ecstatic fusion of the Asian as well as the American cuisines to develop the key interest rate of the passengers. Each of the passengers gets to choose the individual meal packages at the time of the booking. We do also offer some of the diet packages that can prove to be nutritious to the passengers initially, for some of the people having some of the definite type of the religious faith or for some of the people having some of the allergies.

  • Free mode of internet connectivity : Free-WiFi service to allow the passengers remain connected with their loved ones on board.

  • Complete dose of entertainment : Entertainment packages that can also allow each of the passengers to remain active, in watching their favorite shows and movies during the long tenure of the flight schedules.

  • Safety measures : Free face shield and sanitizer sachet for each of the passengers, to initiate the safety to the passengers exclusively. The complete safety of the passengers is the most vital priority of our Lufthansa Airlines.




Cancellation Policy

If you do need to cancel any of the confirmation of the Lufthansa flight tickets, then please do feel free to reach out to us any point of time, 48 hours before the time of departure. 




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