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About Etihad Airlines


Etihad airlines is one of the airlines that has been gaining the huge level of the success due to the unique mode of the operation that it has been exercising upon its own franchise since the day of its inception. Being the second largest airline provider, it has been able to execute its unique mode of operation amid the huge chaos of the pandemic. Having the head office at Khalifa city, it has also been much more popular only because of the unique mode of the service that it has been rendering to its passengers. Etihad Airlines has been gaining much of the success and global recognition due to the fact that there has been much of the flexibility of fares that has allowed each of the traveler to plan his/her own budget of their respective choice.


What is so Special About The Etihad Airlines?



One of the best things of the Etihad Airlines is that it does allow the passenger to enjoy the best services with the initiation of the Etihad Airways online flight ticket booking deals. We understand the needs of our customers and hence with the initiation of the technology, we also have been fostering the rampant growth within our firm to cater to the needs and demands of each of the passengers. Hence we do bring to you the best offers that can enable the passengers the choice to travel to some of the iconic places of the globe. Gaining the reputed acquisition of the 4-star airline, it has also been true that we have been able to abide by some of the definite safety protocols to ensure that the mode of flying to some of the best places takes place in the healthiest way, in less hassle. In short, it can be said that Etihad Airways has set the new benchmark for the travelers wishing to fly to the land of their dreams, with their loved ones to create some of the best memories for their lifetime.


Connectivity and Fleet Size


The airline has an operation of more than 1,000 flights each week to several destinations. Major destinations covered by the airways include North America, Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa. These destinations are covered with a fleet of 104 Boeing aircrafts and Airbuses. In the entire world, the newly launched Boeing 787 by Etihad has gained much popularity. Each of the seats designed in the aircraft are intelligently designed to provide best comfort to passengers.


Details of the current fleet of Etihad Airlines

The current fleets of the company include:


  • Airbus A320 family
  • Boeing 787 family
  • Boeing 777 family
  • Boeing 777 freighter (cargo fleet)


Why Choose us To Plan Your Next Trip?

You can choose us because you get to witness the flexibility in without witnessing much of the hassle. Etihad is the right airline for you, as it does not give you the free choice of having comfort but also the convenient price to fly high to any of your planned destination without worrying much of the price. With Etihad, by your side, you do get to possess the direct flights at much lower costs and also within the limited budget of your choice. 


Services And The Amenities Provided

Etihad Airlines Do Give You With The Best of The Services That Are as Follows: 


  • Complimentary foods/beverages : We provide the best of the meals to each of our passengers and we also allow them to customize the same as per the needs of their own choice. Also it is true that each of the meals that are served has already undergone the safest and the healthy protocols. All the travelers get to have both the alcoholic as well as the non-alcoholic beverages as per the choice of their own. There is also the fusion of the various types of the cuisines, and this also allows them to enjoy long hours of their flight schedule. 
  • High-end comfort while being on-board : We also provide the most comfortable seats to each of the traveler, with the added benefit of having reclining seats, blankets, enough back support and also the space for the leg room. You do get the maximum comfort while you need to hurry and travel to some of the places for business meetings or for getting in touch with your closed ones.
  • Unlimited access to internet : Free wifi connectivity to each of the travelers to remain etched to their seats at the long duration of the flights. This allows them to stay in touch with their closed ones and also be engaged during the long hours of the flight.
  • Extra dose of the entertainment packages : Complete entertainment package to each of the traveler-you get to watch the latest movies, web series and also play games for the longer spam of time. Our aim is to give the best of the services to each of the passengers to gain more of the productivity within the business. You also get to have the additional benefit of charging your phone with the aid of the USB port. 
  • Safety measures : Free masks and face shield to each of the traveler to ensure that there is much of the safety measures that needs to be abided by each of the travelers, at this point of time.


Baggage Guide Details 

Etihad Airlines does give you the details of the baggage details, which are as follows:


  • Passengers flying in the economy class have the allowance of carrying 2 checked-in baggages, and the total limit of 23 kgs each. 
  • Passengers flying in the business class have the allowance of carrying 2 bags each of the max weight of 32 kgs, each.
    If any of the travelers wishes to have the extra baggage, then he/she needs to make the necessary amendments a week ago, prior to the time of the departure. 
  • Passengers of the business class has the allowance of carrying 1 personal item of 7kg max while passengers of the economy class has the privilege of carrying 1 personal item of 5 kg max. 

Please do also note that there are the extra charges which might be applicable for the travelers, at the time of the departure. 


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N.B.: If anyone is interested to cancel the flights after making the confirmation with Etihad airlines booking site, then there is the need to connect directly with the concerned customer care service provider to get all the authentic details. Feel free to connect with our customer support throughout the day for any type of the query related to the flights. For more details, please do feel free to visit the website, by clicking on the link here. 




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