What Does 'American Airlines Operated By Qatar Airways' Mean?

August 20, 2022

Qatar Airways and American Airlines are the best running in the Aviation industry. Almost everyone either opts for Qatar Airways booking or American Airlines booking. So, the popularity of these airlines is already understood. However, even though they are separate aircraft yet they work in partnership with each other to provide the best benefit to their customers. 

However, whether you choose to book American Airline tickets or Qatar Airways Airline flight, you are making the best decision of your life as both airlines never fail to meet the expectations of your customers. 

In this blog, we will discuss the partnership between American Airlines and Qatar Airways. Let’s take a look at the blog below:

About American Airlines

Being incepted in the year 1926, American Airlines is one of the top airlines across the world. Since its inception, most vivid travelers are going for American Airlines cheap flights. There is no doubt that this airline’s uniqueness is what attracts customers worldwide. 

Besides, this flight covers about 200 destinations across the globe and has about 884 aircrafts. Moreover, people opt for American Airlines booking only because of the luxurious benefits they receive at affordable rates. 

About Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways has never failed to meet customer expectations since its inception back in the year 1993. Almost every traveler goes for Qatar Airways flight booking only because of the luxury it offers at reasonable rates. No matter which class you travel to, you are sure to experience high-end comfort. At present, Qatar Airways Airlines flight stands to be the best airline in terms of services and complimentary meals. It covers about 130 destinations daily and ensures 100% safety for travelers. 

How Did the Partnership of Both the Airlines Grow?

Both the airlines first announced their strategic partnership back in February 2020. The first codeshare flight took off in the month of May 2020. According to their agreement, the rollout meant that Qatar Airways codes would only be on 1000 American Airlines flights that are domestic. On the other hand, American Airlines placed its code on selective Qatar Airways Airlines flight to the US but also from the Gulf’s carrier hub in Doha to destinations across the Middle East, East Africa, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. 

Moreover, the re-established service began as a means for American to extend its services to India. This was done in preparation for the carrier to launch its own routes to the country. However, due to the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, the codeshare agreements took on a different quality. 

What Can You Expect from American Airlines at Present?

If you are planning to book American Airline tickets then you should definitely know about the customer strategies they are following. This airline always caters to its valued passengers in the best way possible. That is why you should miss out on American Airlines booking. 

Here is what you can expect from this airline currently:

  • Get the leisure of shopping among duty-free products at the best rates that you will love

  • Fly to selective destinations after booking American Airlines cheap flights at affordable rates

  • Enjoy basic economy fare no matter which class you choose to travel

  • Passengers can opt for upgrades, priority boarding, extra legroom, and same-day flight changes.

  • Elite can access upgrade privileges and seat privileges

  • Elite members can take the advantage of same-day flight changes

  • There will be no change fees at all

So, these are the customer strategies of this airline. You can expect all these once you board the flight after booking American Airlines flight tickets. 

Things to Expect from Qatar Airways

With time, the demand for Qatar Airways online booking has risen. The Qatar Airways Airlines flight always meets its customers' expectations no matter what. Hence, choosing to go for Qatar Airways ticket booking is what you must do right now. However, here are the things that you can expect from this airline: 

  • They provide exceptional service which starts from check-in itself. So, you don’t need to stand much in the crew and waste time.

  • Proper cleaning of the planes and attention to details like tray tables which look like marbles

  • Expect top-notch food service. You don’t need to worry about filling your appetite while onboard. Get to taste a variety of Mid-Eastern cuisines which will give you a memorable experience

  • The food on demand facility is available every time. You can even order butter popcorn for watching movies onboard

  • Experience a high-end entertainment system which is known as Oryx with numerous entertainment options like movies, TV shows, games, and music

  • The entertainment screens in business class are 17 inches wide while in economy class it is 10.6 inches wide

  • The seats are comfortable with extra legroom for you to rest all through your journey

Therefore, you can expect these things after checking into the Qatar Airways flight schedule and going for Qatar Airways ticket booking.


Last but not the least, this was how the partnerhip of both these airlines grow. Irrespective of their partnership, they are always giving their best in catering to their valued passengers. So, you can easily go for American Airlines flight tickets or Qatar Airways ticket booking. Therefore, get started with your ticket booking now. 

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