Turkish Airlines Cheap Flights: Explore The Interesting Facts!

July 18, 2022

Turkish Airlines flights have a different level of reputation when it comes to their quality and services. Choosing to fly in this airline by opting for Turkish Airlines booking can be your best decision ever. There is so much more than what you know about this airline. Hence, it is time to go beyond what you just know! 

Almost everyone in the European and Middle Eastern countries calls this aircraft the best airline in the world. Therefore, before you go ahead and book Turkish Airlines flights, it is important to know about some interesting facts that are revolving around this aircraft.  

About Turkish Airlines Flights

This airline is the national flag carrier of the country of Turkey. Since its inception, almost every passenger books Turkish Airlines tickets without looking any further. This airline has successfully served its passengers and is continuing to do so. Also, with the availability of the best deals, you can enjoy cheap Turkish Airlines tickets. Besides, this aircraft has never failed to meet the unique needs of its passengers.  

Unravel The Unknown Facts About Turkish Airlines

Before you choose to go for Turkish Airlines to book a flight, let us explore the interesting facts about this airline.

  1. It Is One Of The Major Airlines : Turkish Airlines' cheap flights are one of the major airlines. Currently, it operates houses 336 aircraft and flies to 304 destinations covering about 122 countries. With this, it becomes the largest carrier in the world based on passenger destinations. This airline also operates to the most non-stop destinations than any other airline in the world.  Thus, being a major airline, it has managed to gain recognition among passengers from across the world. Hence, most passengers do not think twice before booking Turkish Airlines tickets.

  2. Winner Of Many Awards : Did you know that Turkish Airlines is the winner of many awards? It has managed to get the Skytrax award for Europe’s best airline. Some of its other awards include the world’s best premium economy seats, the airline of the year, and the world’s 16th best airline for business travel.  Since this airline is the winner of many awards, most passengers choose to fly this airline over other ones. Moreover, this airline always serves its customers beyond the expectation level.

  3. The Longest Flight In The World : Back in 2016, Turkish Airlines flights were termed the longest flight in the world. Passengers were opting for cheap Turkish Airlines tickets to travel long distances. This airline went from Istanbul, Turkey to Sydney, Australia covering about 14,868 miles. Thus, this thing was a record breaker!

  4. It Uses All Kinds Of Jets : At present, this airline only flies jet aircraft. Except for this, there are no other aircraft in the fleet. However, the combination of Boeing and Airbus aircraft makes up the total 336 aircraft in the fleet. Back in 1933, the airline’s first aircraft flown was a five-seater propeller with the name Curtiss Kingbird. Since then, the popularity of Turkish Airlines booking has risen. Besides, the first jet to join the fleet was the McDonnell Douglas DC-9 aircraft in 1967.

  5. The Best In Business Class : Turkish Airlines flights have been selected as the best onboard business class for several years. This includes the business class on boarding facility, catering, service, and the lounge awards. Also, recently, it received the award for the best business class airline lounge. Hence, if you are opting for Turkish Airlines booking then ensure to book the business class to enjoy top-notch luxury.

Enjoy Cheaper Deals With This Airline

If budget is your concern, remain stress-free as now you can fly this top airline by enjoying the lowest fares on Turkish Airlines tickets. By availing of the cheapest deals from Turkish Airline ticket booking websites, you can save money and land in your dream destination under budget. 


Lastly, these were some of the interesting facts about Turkish Airlines flights. Thus, it is high time to check out Turkish Airlines ticket booking and book your air tickets at the best prices right away.

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