Air Canada Flight Booking: Which Classes Of Travel It Offers?

May 31, 2021

Who doesn’t know about the most popular airlines that is Air Canada flights? If you go for a survey, then you will find out that most of the passengers prefer this fleet of aircraft before others. This airline stands above all due to its unique and outstanding features. And the best part is you can enjoy premium luxury at the price of business class cabin. 

Besides, Air Canada has a diverse fleet of airline which includes narrow bodies and wide bodies from both Airbus and Boeing. With it, the airline offers extensive domestic, North American and intercontinental services. However, with flights varying to various destination, let’s take a look at what classes of travel it offers. 

Before opting for Air Canada cheap flights, it is important to know which cabin is best for you. So, worry no more, we are here to help you with it. 

What Are The Two Broad Types Of Flights?

When it comes to choosing the cabin, everything depends on the type of flight the passenger chooses after Air Canada flight booking. Mainly there are two types of flights:

  • North American: For this, the flights includes within Canada and from Canada to US and to the Caribbean.

  • Intercontinental : The flights that fly overseas to Europe, Asia and South America. This airline is often referred as international even though its North American services include services that are actually technically international.

Also, the travel class offerings depend on the type of route and the type of aircraft deployed. 

Experience The Three Types Of Classes

Air Canada flights mainly operate for the three following classes. Check them out below:

  1. The Signature And Business Class : It is the highest level of service offered by this airline. The international business class was replaced by the term signature class. On the other hand, the business class is strictly adhered with North American services. 

Take a look at some of its features:

  • For long flight journeys, such cabins offer pods with lie-flat seats.

  • The business is simply wide and comes with more comfortable recliner-style seats for most North American flights.

  • The exceptions take place when Air Canada deploys its wide bodies on specific domestic routes. Whenever an airline is deployed on a transcontinental service, the premium passengers have access to lie-flat seats.

What Services To Expect?

Here is what you can expect from this cabin:

  • Experience extra comfort onboard with lie-flat beds. Get pillows, duvets and quitted mattress pads.

  • Availability of paid Wi-Fi service to remain connected with your closed ones no matter what.

  • Avail priority boarding service. Along with this grab essential skincare products and other amenities.

  • Enjoy complimentary meals which are delicious and mouth-watery.

    2. The Premium Economy : This class is offered not all international intercontinental flights but on selective North American ones.  

  • The cabin is quite similar to North American business class. Besides, the premium economy is best known for its recliner seats and larger IFE screens.

  • You will find it mainly in Air Canada’s intercontinental services, the exceptions occur when the flight deploys its wide bodies on certain domestic routes.

    Here is what you can experience from this cabin:

  • Enjoy luxurious seating facility with recliners and legroom facilities. Travel to your dream destination with comfort.

  • Get complimentary food and beverages from a wide selection of menu.

  • On demand entertainment facilities with personal touch screen TVs. The screens are quite wide for better picture clarity.

3. The Basic Economy Class : This is the airline’s most basic level of service. Most passengers prefer this class after booking Air Canada tickets. 

  • For routes that cover only Canada’s regional destinations, the economy class might be the only cabin available. So, for shortest routes, be ready to fly on this class.

  • The airline’s North American Services is best known for offering exclusive economy classes among its competitors, offering modern in-flight entertainment systems and charging ports at all seats.
  • The economy classes offered by intercontinental flights are almost similar to North American flights. The only one distinction is the provision of complimentary meal services on these longer international flights. 

More Features:

Looking for more features in this class? Then check the following pointers out:

  • Enjoy economy class by resting on comfortable seats that comes with pillow, blanket, and a headset.

  • Get complimentary meals that include best selection of menu as per their passenger preferences.

  • Grab the best entertainment deals and stay hooked until you reach your dream destination.

  • Paid Wi-Fi service is available


Lastly, these are the classes of travel you can expect while opting for Air Canada ticket booking. So, are you ready to choose the cabin of your choice? Always go with whatever suits you the best!



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